Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different? What makes you special?

Well, to start, our mothers love us very much. Besides that, we are not just special, we are vastly different than any other office. We go through a very detailed, unique process to assess which hearing aids would be best suited for our patients. Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I know which hearing aids will help me hear the best?” At Blue Sky Hearing, we go through rigorous testing with our patients to find out which hearing aids provide you with the best speech clarity, the best hearing in noise, and best comfort. Furthermore, we are independently owned and operated by a Doctor of Audiology whose sole purpose is to offer patients an easy and transparent process through the world of hearing solutions. There is enough confusion and smoke-screen going on out there, we aren’t a part of that. Come to a place that will put your needs first and help you find a solution that is personalized for you. It’s time to find your way to better hearing. Now that, my friend, sounds good. Pun intended.

What hearing aid manufacturers does Blue Sky Hearing work with?

Ahhh…this is a simple one. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. We are not driven to fit any product by any manufacturer for any reason. We are independently owned and prescribe devices that give you the greatest hearing possible – not because we are owned by a manufacturer. You know what that means? Your options are endless!!! Not many audiology practices can say that these days.

Is it too soon or am I too young to get a hearing aid?

Great question! If you’re having difficulty hearing, there’s no better time than the present to get help. In fact, there are over 48 million Americans with untreated hearing loss and 75% of them are under the age of 65. Research shows hearing loss is tough on the brain in terms of cognitive effort and resources. As with many things, early intervention is key. Be kind to your brain. If you have hearing loss, it’s time for hearing devices.

Why are your hearing aids less expensive than I’ve seen elsewhere?

Blue Sky Hearing is all about choices. At Blue Sky Hearing you can pick your device and pick your service plan. Most facilities wrap hearing aids and services together, limiting your options and increasing the up-front cost. Service plan options allow you to make a choice that works best for your life, particularly if you frequently move around or need some flexibility with upfront spending. Now you have a choice. Make Blue Sky Hearing your choice.

What happens at a Hearing Device Assessment appointment?

The Hearing Device Assessment is an important part of our diagnostic process. Your hearing is like a puzzle, with each piece an important part to understanding the full picture of your hearing. Your hearing exam, listening experiences, listening environments and how your brain processes sound are critically important pieces to this puzzle. All hearing devices are not the same. The Hearing Device Assessment allows us to find which devices best improve your hearing. Your Doctor of Audiology will fit you with multiple devices from different manufacturers and test your speech understanding in both quiet and background noise. These results will assure you that you are getting the exact devices that meet your needs and help you hear at your best!

I know the hearing aid I want. Can I special order it?

ABSOLUTELY. If you know what hearing aids you’d like but don’t see it on our reservation page, just let us know. The reservation page has a limited number of device options to help keep the process as simple as possible, but your true options are limitless. Like how that sounds? We do!

How do I know what hearing aid to reserve?

This is great for someone who understands their own hearing needs and knows specifically what they are looking for with a hearing device. If you are not sure, don’t worry about reserving it as your Doctor of Audiology will help you traverse that path.

What causes hearing loss?

The short answer: many things cause hearing loss. The most common causes include genetics, exposure to noise, aging, and ototoxic medications (kills cells in the organ of hearing).

Does health insurance cover the cost of hearing aids?

Sadly, many insurance plans do NOT cover the cost of hearing aids or the services associated with the fitting and maintenance of the devices. As Medicare does not cover hearing aids, most insurance companies follow suit. With that being said, you MAY have a benefit and as we always say, “It doesn’t hurt to try!” We will happily contact your insurance company and obtain information regarding your benefits. As a courtesy, we will also send off all insurance paperwork on your behalf.

Do you know my primary care physician?

There’s a pretty good chance we do, but in case we don’t, tell us who they are and we’re sure to become fast friends. We make it a point to write reports to your physician within 24 hours of seeing you. We are big on a team approach to healthcare. The more your physician knows, including the status of your hearing, the better healthcare they can provide to you.

How did you choose your technology partners?

Ahhh…this one is easy. We choose hearing devices based on your hearing needs as well as from the results that we obtain from our independent research. Dr. Storm is constantly reading the research on all the latest and greatest technology. She spends countless hours keeping updated on the newest options, so we can provide the most advanced solutions for our patients. We choose companies that provide the best product with the best results, no compromise.

What’s a Doctor of Audiology?

Doctors of Audiology go to school for 8 years to practice. That’s right! Four years of undergraduate and 4 years of medical school. Our medical school programs are geared strictly towards the study of sound, audition, and hearing. They’ve spent years learning how to take care of you and your hearing needs in the best way possible. Come to Blue Sky Hearing and talk with our Doctors of Audiology who graduated from the top of the top Audiology programs in the US. Smarty pants? You bet we are.

Is it silly to get Pro devices if my lifestyle is quiet?

Not at all. Although Pro devices are built for active (noisy) lifestyles, they also have the highest fidelity for voice and musical sound quality. Go ahead and splurge. It’s the only hearing you’ve got.

How long do hearing aids last?

Hearing aids will last longer than you will want to keep them. Hearing devices these days are built to keep up with active/sweaty/outdoor lifestyles. With that being said, a recent survey found that the average individual keeps their hearing devices for 3.4 years. Hearing aids don’t often die, technology just gets better! If you think about it, that is true for all technology fields. If it wasn’t advancing, we would all be still using our Zach Morris cell phones. (Does anyone know what I’m talking about? YES!) BOTTOM LINE: Improved hearing aid technology means better hearing!

How much do appointments cost?

Appointments are included in the Continuing Care Plan you select when you purchase hearing aids at Blue Sky Hearing. When your service plan expires (or if you do not have a service plan), appointment cost will vary based on the services needed to best serve you. Typically, appointments will cost between $105 – $375. Our front office manager will always inform you of your financial obligation prior to performing any services. We love transparency and we know you do too!

How do I refer someone?

YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT FRIEND! Visit our Refer a Friend page and complete the online form or simply print out a referral form for your friend. They will receive a complimentary hearing screening and consultation.

Can I come to you if I have hearing aids already?

ABSOLUTELY. We would love to see you and take care of your hearing needs.

Is anyone reading this?

At Blue Sky Hearing you’ll find out how much we love what we do. Our patients become family and our appointments always coincide with catching up. In a world that is moving at a fast pace, we always set aside the time necessary to assess your needs/fix any problems/have fun. Having fun and Audiology?! Yep, we love it.

Something is wrong with my hearing device. Now what?

Contact us and we will be happy to help you or ask us to send you a handy troubleshooting guide!

I have a hearing aid that needs repair. Can you do that for me?

Of course! We can do many repairs in-house on all types of devices. If there is a reason that we need to send it to an outside repair lab, we can do that too! Here’s a laundry list: Audibel, Audifon, Audina, Audiosync, Beltone, Bernafon, Interton, Microsonic, Microtech, Miracle Ear, Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Rexton, Siemens, Signia, Sonic Innovations, Starkey, Unitron, Vivatone, Widex. Phew! We think that does it!

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