Patient Reviews
of Blue Sky Hearing

Blue Sky Hearing and Dr. Storm are amazing! The attention, service and knowledge exceeded what I was expecting. I am beyond happy and satisfied with my experience and my titanium ears. This is a relationship based boutique, not a buy and bye-bye storefront. Highly recommend.

– Megan S.

Dr. Storm is my first audiologist and my last. I can’t imagine it getting any better.

– Janet S.

Excellent, knowledgeable service. Dr Storm comes up with creative ways to solve problems.

– Donna M.

As a hearing aid user I’ve been torn between the benefits that hearing aids bring and the limits of the technology.  Blue Sky Hearing has changed all that for me. They have found a way to get my comprehension up to a level that I haven’t experienced for decades. It has made all the difference at work and with friends and family.

– Will L.

I have been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years.  Dr. Storm is the best audiologist I have ever worked with. She has the perfect balance of empathy and knowledge.

– Andrea R.

I was very impressed with Dr. Storm’s professionalism, knowledge and her personality. She conducted the hearing test and confirmed my screening results, then thoroughly explained the diagnosis in a professional yet understandable manner.

– Betty B.